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MX Specialised Services

Welcome to MX Specialised Services the home of specialised commercial and domestic services since 2009. Here at MX we do the jobs that nobody else wants to do or nobody else thinks they can do. Whether it is restoring your treasured possessions after a fire or undertaking a trauma clean up, our skilled engineers will use their expertise and specialist knowledge to ensure every job is done to an exceptional standard. We guarantee that all work undertaken by MX Specialist Services complies with all legislative and regulatory requirements. Wherever possible we recycle.

MXSS are not just there to clean up, they are also able to restore goods that may otherwise have been written off using their state of the art sonic wash. MXSS also have storage facilities meaning that jobs can be undertaken from start to finish without the need of multiple providers which would require additional co-ordination and payments. This all means the overall costs are substantially reduced.

In addition to the key services offered, MXSS staff have also been trained as specialist fraud detection officers and can help detect incidents of fraud either at a much earlier stage or even those incidents which may otherwise have been missed.

Based in the Oxfordshire/ Home Counties and are able to work on a nationwide basis, MXSS have the specialist equipment to deal with the jobs that may otherwise seem very difficult or costly or even the jobs that others simply don't want to do.


If you have a cleaning job you'd like us to help with

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